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We’re Back

Hello Mindfuls! After some unscheduled and unplanned time away, we’re back! The need for more rest and downtime is called for during the summer months. Exploring nature, meeting new people, and finding peace within were the goals! As we move back into the hectic semester, we have to remember and find what brings us joyContinue reading “We’re Back”

What’s Not Working?

Hello, Mindfuls! We’re more than halfway through the year. As we look back on the first six months of the year, we might want to question what’s not working in all areas of our lives. What are you prioritizing? What is getting lost in the shuffle of your daily life? What actually deserves your attention?Continue reading “What’s Not Working?”

Developing a Mindful Leadership Practice

As the oldest of four siblings, I learned that I “must” lead at a young age. I didn’t learn how-to, it was just a requirement. For the first 20 years of my career, my leadership style could best be described as “bossy big sister.” This style lent itself to being forceful, occasionally toxic to me,Continue reading “Developing a Mindful Leadership Practice”

Reflective Journaling as a Practice

Hello, Mindfuls! Getting back into the swing of things after a long time away can be difficult, but also a fresh start. One thing I’ve committed to practicing again is reflective journaling. Reflective journaling helps one see the connections of their work through a critical and analytical lens. The importance of reflective journaling isn’t toContinue reading “Reflective Journaling as a Practice”

Cultivating Silence Within

Hello, Mindfuls! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post for the page. In my absence of posting, I’ve been living and enjoying the quiet that non-busyness brings. In a world filled with noise, chatter, and constant motion; sitting with myself most oftentimes in silence felt luxurious. During my quiet reflection, I wasContinue reading “Cultivating Silence Within”

Mindful Collaboration

It would be easy to believe that mindfulness is a singular act that does not extend into how we live and work with others with a focus on mediation. However, as outlined by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the seven key attitudes of mindfulness include non-judgement, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, and letting go can apply to most aspectsContinue reading “Mindful Collaboration”

Change: Mindful in the Midst

Change is hard, and the only thing constant is change. Sigh. That is where I wanted to start and end this post. Because it just is. Even when it is considered a positive change like my most recent move, it can be highly disruptive to the practical side of life. It can also be disruptiveContinue reading “Change: Mindful in the Midst”

How You Can Understand Your Body and Emotions Even Better

When you are angry, fearful, sad, disgusted, anxious, nervous, depressed, or even happy, delighted, or surprised (or insert another emotion), where do you actually feel it in your body? This question stumps many people only because society does not encourage us to slow down and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us outside of feelingContinue reading “How You Can Understand Your Body and Emotions Even Better”

Why Having An Embodiment Practice is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL In The Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic

Times have been challenging on various levels for everyone these past couple of years, yes? I mean, who would have ever thought that one year and eight months later, we’d still be navigating this COVID-19 pandemic! The heightened levels of stress have made even the healthiest and most grounded person become more mindful in theContinue reading “Why Having An Embodiment Practice is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL In The Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic”

What are you grateful for today?

As I think about the upcoming holidays, my heart swells with the feeling of gratitude. I really do have a great deal to be grateful for… from the changing colors of the leaves to the love of my family and friends, and even for that cup of coffee, I look forward to every morning. MyContinue reading “What are you grateful for today?”