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What’s Not Working?

Hello, Mindfuls! We’re more than halfway through the year. As we look back on the first six months of the year, we might want to question what’s not working in all areas of our lives. What are you prioritizing? What is getting lost in the shuffle of your daily life? What actually deserves your attention?Continue reading “What’s Not Working?”

Understanding Mindful Practice

Hello, Mindfuls! Mindfulness is part of Buddhism’s noble eightfold path to end suffering. The eightfold path is right understanding (samma ditthi), right thought (samma sankappa), right speech (samma vaca), right action (samma kammanta), right livelihood (samma ajiva), right effort (samma vayama), right mindfulness (samma sati), Right concentration (Samma samadhi). Mindfulness, although important, is not theContinue reading “Understanding Mindful Practice”

Reflective Journaling as a Practice

Hello, Mindfuls! Getting back into the swing of things after a long time away can be difficult, but also a fresh start. One thing I’ve committed to practicing again is reflective journaling. Reflective journaling helps one see the connections of their work through a critical and analytical lens. The importance of reflective journaling isn’t toContinue reading “Reflective Journaling as a Practice”

Cultivating Silence Within

Hello, Mindfuls! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post for the page. In my absence of posting, I’ve been living and enjoying the quiet that non-busyness brings. In a world filled with noise, chatter, and constant motion; sitting with myself most oftentimes in silence felt luxurious. During my quiet reflection, I wasContinue reading “Cultivating Silence Within”

Reflections from the pause

Hello, Mindfuls. It’s been a long but much-needed pause. During this time, it was important for me to rest, reassess, and grieve. We’ll soon approach the anniversary of the COVID lockdown in the United States. The last two years have been difficult and surrounded by grief. From the death of family, made family, and lossContinue reading “Reflections from the pause”

A Pause for Us

Hey, Mindfuls!  We’re taking a pause! We’ll take a pause from January 24th until March 6th. During this time, we won’t accept any speaking or writing requests. We’ll slowly respond to emails after March 6th for future events. No new posts or prompts on our social media pages until March 6th as well. We’ll trulyContinue reading “A Pause for Us”

New Year = Healthier Boundaries & More Alignment

Hey, Mindfuls!  Happy New Year! Each new year brings excitement, but we can forget to maintain healthy boundaries and focus on alignment rather than uprooting all our progress in the following year. Of course, this is easier said than done. We’ll all face discomfort when setting boundaries, but as Nedra Tawwab explains, “Your discomfort level around certainContinue reading “New Year = Healthier Boundaries & More Alignment”

End of the Year Thoughts

Hey, Mindfuls!  As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s important to remember that we don’t have to finish the year in any particular way. Oftentimes, you’ll hear folks say, “Finish the year strong.” This doesn’t account for our struggles, pain, triumphs, and just “done with it-ness of the year” most ofContinue reading “End of the Year Thoughts”

Reflections from Pausing

We’re finally coming back from a much needed break. Pausing allows our minds to relax and realign with what really matters. Technology, although useful, can be draining. Stepping back, even for a few days, can help refill your cup in healthy ways.  Here’s some reflections from our pause: Healthy Friendships Matter Do you have healthyContinue reading “Reflections from Pausing”

Prioritizing Our Own Needs in Healthy Ways

Hey, Mindfuls! One of our prompts this month asked if you’ve been effectively communicating your needs. As we inch closer to the holiday season and dealing with the stress that brings, sometimes we forget to clearly communicate our needs. You might have heard these phrases, “Can’t you work later? You’re single right?” or “Why can’tContinue reading “Prioritizing Our Own Needs in Healthy Ways”