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For the Good of the Order Resources

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, mindfulinlis partnered with renewerslis founder Kaetrena Davis Kendrick to lead For the Good of the Order, a collaborative LIS well-being event.  Every Wednesday in May, renewerslis and mindfulinlis joined together for five minutes to take some time in community and slow down for short renewal and awareness practices. 

Here are the resources from those events!

Week 1: Reflection: “Be Away!” 

Practice: Sound Healing 

Resource: Samuel Grimes on Where Did “Tibetan” Singing Bowls Really Come From?

Week 2: Do not work in urgency!

Practice: Singing Bowls

Resource: Tamara L. Goldsby, Michael E. Goldsby, Mary McWalters, and Paul J. Mills on Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension, and Well-being: An Observational Study

Week 3: Honor your emotions

Practice: Box breathing

Resource: Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Art of Mindful Living

Week 4: Practice self-compassion

Practice: Body scan 

Resource: renewerlis 

For the Good of the Order recordings are all available on the Mindfulinlis IG page. View them at your own leisure. Remember to rest!




2 thoughts on “For the Good of the Order Resources

  1. Since I was introduced to mindfulinlis, I have been mindfully informed, inspired and insightful. I have finally completed the IGTV sessions and I want to offer my sincere and genuine respect and appreciate for all that has been shared. The most insightful session was HONORING YOUR EMOTIONS. ‘We the People’ of North America, have many reasons to be emotional but when we do not have the proper channels to express or the exact emotion to address we do tend to be misunderstood. I am currently rereading a monograph by Malidoma Some’, The Healing wisdom of Africa and I find his experience most interesting. He experienced what he refers to as a radical healing after being taking from his home and then escaping and returning to his village over a decade later. After his radical healing, he was then instructed to return to the West. His village acknowledges the powers of the West and states, “Coping with the West was better than pretending it didn’t exist (Some’, 1998, p 10). With that being stated, I take this notion to heart with a deeper understanding. Coping with the reality of our emotions instead of pretending they do not exist can provide us with a radical healing. A healing that will/could shock us and awaken us to the origins of our emotions that may not even be where we think they are from or what we attempt to “define” them as. Honoring our emotions, in my view, means truly addressing their origins and then radically healing from the awareness. If we say we are annoyed and reflect anger, frustration or perhaps even sadness I feel we are still honoring our emotions. In the West and its schools of thought fragmentation and separation is appropriate but in my view EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING. If I am annoyed, I am anger. If I am sad I may be annoyed still that I am in a society or situation where I am giving reason to continue to be sad whether from dismantled families, disassociation, or displacement to continuing rising incarceration rates or police brutality. If I am frustrated, I am annoyed by frustration. I offer that no matter the emotion we cope with its true origin and don’t pretend it is from work but perhaps why the vast amount of work I must endure. In North America and in my view, we are all working in urgency, however, the degree of urgency or why it is urgent is what may stir up emotions and annoy, frustrate, anger, or sadden us. I greatly appreciate the space and opportunity to share mindfully and respectfully. I am humble and most honored to virtually and indirectly meet you and the presenters. May we all undergo a radical healing from HONORING OUR EMOTIONS.

    Honoring my emotions,
    Candace L. Owens


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