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Exploring the Unknown

Hey, Mindfuls! 

I’ve racked my brain about what to share this month. Should I discuss living abundance, reflective practice, or something else? The list goes on and on, until I realized this was the message, the unknown! Sometimes, we just don’t know what to do or where to go, and that’s okay. We cannot expect ourselves to always have the answer. Nor should we. Where’s the joy in that?

We need to explore the unknown with open arms and be open to possibilities. This doesn’t mean that we should throw caution to the wind (always look on both sides of the street before crossing). However, we can start to investigate things that excite us, makes us nervous, or things we’ve been curious about but haven’t thought about in a while. Dig into exploring without judgement and reflect on what comes next. 

Some reflective questions on your journey:

  • What are you still learning about yourself? 
  • What else needs to be explored?
  • What about your job don’t you know? Are you interested in learning more or need extra development in a particular area?

Explore the unknown and remember to rest!



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3 thoughts on “Exploring the Unknown

  1. POWERFUL MESSAGE… Thank you! Sometimes we complicate things trying to ‘know it all’.
    May we all explore the unknown with an open heart, mind… (and some actions)

    Light & Longevity

    Sincerely and Genuinely,
    Candace L. Owens


  2. You are truly welcome… thank you for the moment of reflection of the ‘unknown’.

    Peace and Gratitude,
    Candace L. Owens


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