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MindfulinLIS Profile: Jamia Williams

Before 2020 I enjoyed planning my days, weeks, and months so that I could incorporate self-care, professional development, family, and friends time but once the pandemic occurred I had to put a lot of my plans on hold. Honestly, after the second week of March, I found it hard to practice mindfulness because home and work became one busy place.  So it took me some time to get back to mindful practices.  Since my worlds collided due to quarantining I had to take many breaks and be present for my family when they needed me.  In addition, I had to be gracious with myself when I needed more rest than normal or when I felt like I was not being productive.  I had to keep combating these negative thoughts. Following the Nap Ministry and mindfulinlis during this time has helped me tremendously. Reflective journaling and affirmations have helped me through this weird and difficult time. I had to be intentional with my time and truly stay in the moment and to allow myself to work through my emotions.  I had to be okay with the rage that I felt and I took the time to process those feelings. Lastly, I am grateful to be on this journey of self-awareness, self-love, and community building. 

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I am a creative in search of an outlet.

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