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MindfulinLIS Profile: Twanna Hodge

Mindfulness in 2020 is a constant struggle to be present, knowing what I can control, and taking ownership of my time. It is stripping away all of the unnecessary noise and expectations (internal and external). Working towards a life where I am always conscious of who I am, what I do, and how I progress towards my future goals are part of mindfulness goals. It is learning that ‘less isn’t more,’ that it is damaging. Creating and maintaining a mindfulness practice involves my communities and me. It includes boundary setting, being disciplined, active listening, employing empathy, and being open to others aiding me. I am engaging in thoughtful decision making. Being considerate in situations, doing what is necessary and right, and using my voice. 

In 2020 centering myself and what I bring to the table has become more critical than ever before though it takes great diligence and labor to do so. What has changed is a shift from the hustle and grind culture. I learned about the Nap Ministry earlier this year; I follow them on Twitter; it has been a balm, reminder, and guide in this world where everything seems to be unraveling quicker than one can understand. Mindfulness is challenging or seems nigh impossible when dealing with all of the demands-personal, work, service, emotional, psychological, physical, and more. Protecting my time, guarding my different capacities, and managing my commitments are necessary to improve my practice further. It is getting rid of decades of indoctrination about worth being tied to productivity, that one’s value depends on one’s deliverables, output, or what eone can do for others. 

What has stayed the same is accepting who I am and being open to the process. I am cultivating spaces that honor whom I am becoming—knowing that I am a work-in-progress. Mindfulness is an act of love for myself and others. 

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